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Chrome成立于2018年,由摄影艺术家组合宁凯(中国)和Sabrina Scarpa(荷兰)创立,旨在成为东西方之间的桥梁。为此,克罗姆建⽴了海外留学项目,我们致力于满足学生需求和兴趣的学习环境。鼓励学生探索摄影和视觉的文化,为计划在国外学习艺术的中国学生提供留学作品集和院校申请的服务与指导。通过我们的职业背景和海外资源,经过指导和规划,为学生的未来职业生涯开启一个国际化的起点。





Masterclass Koji Onaka


We are pleased to announce our two upcoming masterclasses with Japanese photographer Koji Onaka.


More information coming soon! 



C-print workshops


We hold intensive practical workshops in colour printing. See examples of hand-printed C-types colour prints and make prints from your own negatives to take home. Apply now!  


Chrome visits Zhengzhou No. 7 Middle School


On September 9, 2018, Chrome founders Ning Kai and Sabrina Scarpa visited the Zhengzhou No. 7 Middle School in China to talk about photography.  


Cyanotype workshops


Enjoy one of the first photographic printing processes and create your own beautiful design to take away. Available all year round. Apply now! 


Koji Onaka Artist Talk and Book Signing 


On May 1, 2018, Koji Onaka discussed the evolution of his photographic practice. Followed by questions from the floor and a photobook signing of his publication 'Slow Boat', published by Imageless. 


Study Abroad talks


Chrome hold talks to give students general information about the opportunities available to them to study abroad. These talks are held throughout the year. For enquiries, please contact us. 


Chrome Open Day Saturday March 9, 2019


Come join us for the Open Day on Saturday March 9, 2019, from 11am - 5pm, and learn more about Chrome and its programs!